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  • My mother and I own a 3 year old photography business. I'm the photographer and she assists with shoots and paperwork. I got married recently and we want to start a family in the next year or so. I've always pictured myself staying at home with my childre

    Answered on 16th January 2009:

    I am not real sure how your business operates, whether it is done on sight, in a studio or out of your home- however I would weigh out the pros and cons of working vs staying home. Sure you could probably coach your mom into a more active role in the biz all the way up to delivery time and then you work part time, but also consider the possibility of allowing yourself the freedom have a career AND a family too. We get torn, cause we feel like having a job or life goal outside of motherhood is robbing our kids of the chance to have a wonderful start in their life. Staying at home is a joy, yet as women, we have more to our lives than just raising kids. This may sound ridiculous to some, who view motherhood as their full time job(which there is nothing wrong with at all)- but some women aspire to have both. And the truth is, IT IS PERECTLY OKAY!=DI wish you the best of both worlds as you plan ahead!

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  • Do you let your toddler play on the computer? And for how long if you do? If you don't, why not?

    Answered on 15th January 2009:

    Using a computer with momma's help is an excellent way to development hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. I recommend using age approp curriculum. rather than navigating a website for the first few exposures. That way, you are not having issues with tabs and other ads to make the child frustrated. I would do it for 10 min at a time perhaps. Once they do develop the ability to navigate on their own, I still would limit it to no more than twenty minutes at a time for ergonomic and vision reasons. Have fun!

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