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mother, graphic designer, artist, Kruger DeZines
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I work full-time at one location, during the days. I also do contract work as a graphic artist. I opened our home for temp. foster care, as well. I am a volunteer at the RCMP detachment. I do part-time work at Walmart during the busiest season (Xmas), too. I'm a workaholic, but struggling with finances - as the economy slumps further and further into the ground!! UUughh!! I need to win the lottery, get a third job, or just inherit more money from some long-lost relatives I never knew existed!!! ha ha ha
My interests:
Art - acrylic painting, sculpure with clay, plaster and metal, sketching, drawing, and mixed media (using various mediums in one project). I enjoy reading and spending time with my family when I'm not working.
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How I de-stress:
hot bath with scented candles, and tranquil music, with lavender or eucalyptus bath oil/foam!!! And if my eyes can handle it, grabbing a book or magazine to read!!
Best advice I've gotten:
When you set boundaries with your kids, and establish a good, solid set of rules, don't bend them!! Don't, for one second, step back and start going back on your word, where the rules are concerned. They don't take you seriously after you start giving in, or 'caving'!! Keep up the hard work you put into keeping your kids in line and teaching them about boundaries!!
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Monsters Inc.

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