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21, 19 & 7yrs old
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Parenting advice I follow:
Set the rules so they know what to expect, when rules are not follow give 1 warning if still not followed follow through with time out. Continue to follow through w/ time out until they learn you will not give in!!! First few times you do this your child might be in time out most of the day...but rest asured, they will learn that you are the boss and next time it will be less and less to eventially you will just give the warning and they will straighten up.
Parenting advice I ignore:
NEVER spank your child. I am not saying that you have to spank your child everything they do something wrong. I am just saying that sometimes they need a little swat on butt from time to time is not that bad! When they have done something really wrong. Ex: My daughter, bless her indepentant heart, when she was 4yrs old, we told her that she could not cross the road without mom or dad watching her aross the street. She has a new friend that lives across the street and that child is allowed to cross street without supervision. First several times she asked and we watched her cross the street and then she started just crossing when she wanted. Dad went over across the street and brought her home sat her down and gave her a warning that if she crossed the street again without Mommy or Daddy watching she would get a spanking and be sent her to her room....about an hour later...there she goes. Daddy went and got her and explained that she broke the roles and gave a little swat on butt and sent her to her room. When she came back downstairs...she came back and appoligized to us and all was well. She is now 7yrs old and she always lets us know when she is going over to her friends house across the street.

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