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I'm just getting used to this online community. I figured I could tell you all a little about me and my son. I am 26 and a single mom. I wasn't expecting this little one, but soo glad I have him. I never thought it was possible for me to have a child. He had feeding issues when he was born and had to be kept in NICU for 2 weeks. That nearly killed me. This is my first child, no one had ever mentioned to me the possibility of something going wrong and your child having to stay after you were discharged. I got released after 3 days. We went to see him everyday though, and I took tons of pics. It helped me to get through it. Now he is doing great. He will be 3 months old on October 3rd. It took me awhile to get in the hang of things having a little guy. Now I can actually say we are doing pretty great with a routine, every now and then we have an occasional quirk. I'm enjoying my online time again. The first months, getting online seemed like a luxary never to be had again, lol. Gage laughed out loud for the first time 2 days ago. That was great and now my mom insists on trying to get him to do it when she gets home everyday. Kinda funny if you could see all she does to try and get him to crack those giggles. I am wanting to work online but not sure of what I can do right now to bring some money in. I'm studying Derek Gehl's Online Marketing course now when my son is asleep. I'm wanting to create an online community for single stay at home moms like me. I just need to decide on what kind of content I would like on there. If anyone has any tips or experience with that. Please let me know.
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Coffee and a cig.
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