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family, healing, addiction recovery, parent coach, troubled teens, suffering
About me:
I raised 5 girls, while working. I believe what caused more stress for me was the guilt I either felt at work, not being with the kids; or when I was at home with the kids, thinking about my work. I really had to learn how to be in the present moment, in the NOW and enjoy it all!
My interests:
I love spending time with my horses! Doing things, anything with my girlfriends!
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How I de-stress:
Nice hot bath with some essential oils, detailed gratitudes, wrap up in a warm blanket and eat popcorn, shovel horse poop, lay on the ground and notice the sky.
Best advice I've gotten:
Be loving,kind and compassionate to yourself and you will have the energy to be supportive and loving to others.
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Fried Green Tomatoes

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