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wahm, artist, liberal mom, blended family, parenting teenagers
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I have worked variously at home, from home, on base, off campus, out of a bell tower, in my car, for a not-for-profit, for satisfaction instead of a profit, and always with the idea that someday I'd like to be a "real" writer. I've decided now beats someday, even with five children still at home and no clue what separates a "real" writer from the herd. There's work aplenty as I figure it all out.
My interests:
Spending time with my huge family, art quilting, triathlon, travel, football, and reading.
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How I de-stress:
Swimming in the ocean is the best way to de-stress. Second best (and much more achievable) is going for a run outside or meditating in silence.
Best advice I've gotten:
A woman I much admire pointed out to me that every event or circumstance that I could possibly use as an excuse or reason 'why not' is right now, somewhere being used by someone else as their motivation, their reason 'why'. She told me never to forget I had the power to see every obstacle in either light - my choice.
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Gregory's Girl

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  • Welcome to Work It, Mom!, Lilymane! We're so glad you're here. Have you seen our group, "Freelance Moms"? Just want to say I really enjoyed reading your profile. I also checked out your blog. Your dog and puppy are adorable. Yeesh. Puppies are so destructive...

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