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  • What's the one thing you refuse to cut out of your budget, even when you want to save $ -- house cleaners? fancy coffee? babysitter for date night?

    Answered on 27th February 2009:

    I am actually a little bothered by this question. I wish 'cutting back' was an issue. It no longer is. There is no where else, and NOTHING else to cut. house cleaners? babysitters? fancy coffee? All of the above. Never had a housekeeper. Never really employed babysitters either. Fancy coffee was one of my downfalls. No more. We are down basics. And by basics I mean paying rent (which can't always be done either). Groceries are supplemented by a monthly trip to the food shelf, there is no other way to feed my children. I keep my internet access to assist in finding a job, but have eliminated the TV. Any clubs, activities, or classes that have a fee attached are gone. If its free, fine and dandy. I have one asset remaining to sell. But I can't sell it. I NEED a vehicle. There isn't really a choice in that matter where I live. So what do I refuse to cut back on? I don't have any 'indulgences' anymore whatsoever. What I have goes to basic living or my children. There is nothing else.

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  • I am mom of a 6 month old beautiful baby girl! I don't really have a questions just what some imput! I've never been much of a sexual person, and now since keira has been born we haven't had sex, we stop completely shortly after I got pregnant, and sti

    Answered on 16th February 2009:

    Too often, when you have a baby.......you forget that you are also part of a relationship. The baby takes so much time and energy you stop seeing yourselves as lovers, friends, and partners and see yourselves as...................mom and dad. Remember that the baby joined YOUR relationship, not the other way around. You need to actively and consciously keep the romance alive in little ways. Leave a love note, write a love letter, discretely 'grope.' Plan a date night....all night. Go to a hotel, have the baby stay at Grandma's (or some other acceptable option). Be the romantic you want to be...... But most importantly you must talk to each other. Honestly, openly, and freely. And when the time comes follow two simple rules to loosen up and get the mood in motion...........inebriate and lubricate. Sounds superficial, but it works wonders as a 'jump start.'

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  • wish I could give you a hug and a job and say everything will be okay. My thoughts are with you and wish all gets better for you and your family soon. Hugs, eileenb

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