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  • If you had only 2 hours to spend with your young kids each evening, how would you spend them? (My kids are 5 for reference.)

    Answered on 14th May 2012:

    Big fan of board games (especially in the winter). Our favorites at that age were parcheesi & Cat in the Hat. I never would have thought of parcheesi for a 5-year old but they learned it in kindergarten and she loved it! As she's gotten older we've changed games (this year we're attempting "The Game of Life" - but I'm using the rules I remember from childhood rather than all the new ones!). When it is too frustrating we'll go back to to "Sorry!" or parcheesi. If you can find it, the parcheesi with the animals rather than marbles or standard playing pieces can make it really fun for a younger kid.

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  • I'm a divorced parent in TX and TX allows for the non custodial parent to have 30 consecutive days with the child at age 3. I would be allowed to have my daughter 1 weekend out of the 30 days, but that's it. My child has only just turned 2 but I am alread

    Answered on 13th October 2010:

    Do you talk with her about what's happening? She's old enough to understand. And no matter your feelings about her dad, do you stay neutral and try to be upbeat? If she senses it upsets you then it will upset her. Do you ask her about what she does with her dad? Helping her connect fun things it could help; and if there's something really wrong it could help you figure out what that is. One mom I know discovered daddy's idea of family time was dropping their daughter at the home of the new girlfriend's mother, and leaving her there. He found himself back in court getting a lecture from the judge about the point of visistation! It may feel so close but sounds like it's a year and half before you'll deal with it; your daughter is going to do a LOT of maturing between now and then. Age two-and-a-half to three is when my daughter really started to develop her bond with her dad. Now she's eager for their visits. Also note that just because he gets 30 days consecutive; he might not want them; my daughter's dad gets two weeks of vacation with her; he has NEVER taken them. Likewise the alternating holidays? Yeah, he took Thanksgiving ONCE in six years. I think it was more about having his rights than doing anything with them.

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  • Thanks for commenting on the child care issue! I am always interested in figuring out how people make this work, and what requirements they have. It's so interesting, because while we all seem to have different parenting styles and philosophies, there are so major overlapping themes!

    And congrats on being a city baby-boom innovator! ;)

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  • Thanks for the comment on the Girl Scout post!

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