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About me:
Once I was a carefree single who could run off to New York for a few days without a care. Now I'm raising a funny, smart girl with pervasive development delay (autistic spectrum) by myself. Once I thought I couldn't do it alone; now I don't know if I'd accept the intrusion of another's parenting style.
My interests:
Singing, Reading
How I de-stress:
Reading, web surfing
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My favorite book:
The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis
My favorite movie:
Raise the Red Lantern

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  • Thanks for commenting on the child care issue! I am always interested in figuring out how people make this work, and what requirements they have. It's so interesting, because while we all seem to have different parenting styles and philosophies, there are so major overlapping themes!

    And congrats on being a city baby-boom innovator! ;)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KAtwinmom on 27th May 2010

  • Thanks for the comment on the Girl Scout post!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 13th March 2010