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I feel that once you make the decision to become a mother your income becomes insecure. Simply because we have to, in most cases, spend time away from our children to create an income. My company, is designed to create incomes for mothers and others without having to spend time to do it. I passionately hope that my company grows, and other companies are created that allow mothers in particular the chance to create significant incomes without having to spend time away from their children to do so.
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How I de-stress:
Walk on the beach and listen to jazz
Adjective to describe me:
warm and mellow (that's what people tell me)
My favorite book:
A Woman of Substance
My favorite movie:
Meet Joe Black

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  • Oh hey. It does that all the time on this site - posts double or triple times. In fact, while trying to reply just now I posted a blank message! Fortunately, you can just hit delete!

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  • Hi MilansMom, Welcome to Work it, Mom! We're happy you're here. Congrats on having your own business. Are you a WAHM? (I'm guessing the answer is yes because you say it allows you to spend time with your daughter?) Anyway, I think it's awesome that you have found your dream job. Good for you!

    I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! Please just drop me a line if you have questions or comments. Enjoy!

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