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About me:
Okay, so I'm newly married and soon to be a new mom. I've been in school for the past 9 years working towards my career goals. I took a year off last year for some relief and to be with my (at the time) boyfriend/now husband (we lived 3 hours apart for 3 years). So since taking a year off from my studies, we bought a home, got engaged, got married and are now expecting our first child. Very exciting...But looking forward to slowing down, catching my breath and just enjoying the newness of it all.
My interests:
Shopping!!! (kinda cliche i know) Trying new food. Home decor Relaxation
How I de-stress:
Going out to eat. It gets me out of the house, away from the compulsion to clean or fix things etc. (we're constantly "upgrading" our home), it's fun, but there's always something else you'd like to do. Maybe I should stop watching
Best advice I've gotten:
Define success for yourself...don't feel pressured to define your success by social norms. GREAT ADVISE!!!
Adjective to describe me:
Right now...PREGNANT!
My favorite book:
Lucky magazine...(sorry, I've read enough text book and such to last a lifetime). I prefer to keep it light in my leisure time.
My favorite movie:
50 First Dates

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  • Hi Mrs. Dr. Mom!
    Thanks for your note! I think these are all great questions and the answer varies for different children. My child was pretty easy - he only cared about getting food - not how it came to him :)
    I used Dr. Brown bottles, but again - it didn't really matter with him. You should join - you'll get great response to your questions! Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 25th June 2008

  • Hey Mrs.Dr.Mom! It's great to meet you. I loved reading your profile. Congratulations on your little baby (you said he, so I'm assuming boy). Anyway, if you ever have comments or questions about Work it, Mom! I'm here to help. Here's our expecting mom's group.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 24th June 2008