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  • Why do I resent my kids so much? Huh...loaded question--I know, but my twins are 4 years old now, and everyone told me how bad 3 would be. Truth is, every age so far has really been more challenging than enjoyable. While many things are easier and-yes,

    Answered on 8th March 2013:

    Our kids are the ultimate test aren't they???!!! I love mine more than I ever knew I was capable of loving, but not a day goes by when I'm not ready to pull my hair out. I try to remember that they are little people with distinct personalities and just like me, don't like to be told what to do :) that doesn't change me telling them what to do, of course, but it helps put things in perspective. My oldest one is 10, as he was growing up I think I struggled with being the 'adult' as strange as it sounds. I had less tolerance for his tantrums and was looking back, less patient with him as he went through the many phases of being a toddler... Preschooler... Little boy... And now preteen. But I think I changed with each of my kids. I realized that they often can't help themselves and have this belief in place that the security that surrounds them is their outlet to explore and push boundaries as they please. Because they feel they have a indefinite right over their caregivers and their needs are top priority. It's the belief of the innocent child that life is all about them :-) Your children push their limits with you because they feel safe knowing that Mommy loves them no matter what. You are perfect in their eyes. Do you remember growing up and ever thinking your mother was anything but beautiful? Your children look at you and see the most beautiful person in the world. No one can hug them like you. No one can yell at them like you ;)

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  • Does anyone ever feel like you miss out on things while you're away at work? Baby boy is 6 months now and at a very cute stage of activity and on the cusp of crawling. Some days it's so hard to leave for work.

    Answered on 8th March 2013:

    Every day brings a new memory with your little ones. It's hard, but try not to dwell on what you may miss, rather what you're a part of.. Realistically, you could have been a WAHM or SAHM and be taking a shower when your little one takes their first step or says their first word :-) there will be hundreds of beautiful and frustrating moments in life as a parent. Embrace them all and don't let guilt eat away at you for the ones you miss.

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