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  • Did you become more or less risk averse after having children? How is it manifesting itself in your life?

    Answered on 20th December 2007:

    Victoria, I totally agree with your husband, fashions apart! :) Before Lucas was born, I was the kind of girl who would take risks in sports, but now, I do think twice and prefer not to let bad fate get into my path, if can... Of course it doesn't mean that I'll avoid having fun, but now things got to a different level and seems to fit under a more realistic perspective, as if what really matters counts in first place. I guess that you, being a skii expert (I'd love to try it, bu here in Brazil it never snows!), know how to enjoy the "trip", the wind, the white, without having to break any speed record. I believe that most moms change their minds about lots of things after becoming moms. As I said, it's a matter of perspective. Hope you keep the fun, and have a beautiful Christmas!

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  • What are some of your tips for helping kids with their homework?

    Answered on 7th December 2007:

    Lucas started kindergarten this year, so homework is still very "light". But every Friday (homework day), I sit with him on his desk, read the work's heading and watch him doing it. As many of it has coloring and drawing involved, I always say words of encouragement/compliments, and if he has doubts concerning numbers or letters (his fav challenge!), I try to help him without doing it for him instead.

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  • Hi Nydia. Welcome. It's great to meet someone from Brazil! Looking forward to seeing you around the site. You can make lots of friends just by joining in the conversation. Have fun!

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  • Hi, Nydia,
    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and wanted to say welcome to the community! It's a great place to connect with fellow working moms, share advice or just vent! (And if you want to unleash your inner writer, you can always publish an article in the Member Articles section!) Look forward to learning more about you and seeing you here often!

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