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  • Potty training: At what age did your kids use the potty regularly? What about at night-time?

    Answered on 6th August 2008:

    I tried potty training my daughter at 2, but she wasn't fully into it until 2.5, once she was potty trained during the day, she was fine at night.

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  • Do you have pets at home? Does taking care of them add to work-life juggle stress or provide relief from hectic days?

    Answered on 4th August 2008:

    I have a cat, she is 8 years old. It is hectic having her around sometimes, because with cleaning up the cat littler that she kicks out of the box, and the occasional missing of the box when she's using the restroom, its just takes up my precious time with my little one. I plan on having another baby in the near future and don't look forward to having to worry about where the cat peed this time. I also had two beautiful ChowChows, that I adore with all my heart and miss greatly, but I had to give them to my ex because I was worried my daughter would get hurt, plus they were so hairy and muddy from rainy days, it was such a hassle. I love and miss my dogs, but will definatly have to wait until my kids are a little older before I get another one.

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  • Hi Becky, how are you? I've never been to Missouri? Are there any big tourist attractions in Missouri? How did you get into photography? Have done any writing? Have a great night. Talk soon. Karen

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