Shelleen McHale

From Detroit, Michigan, United States

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juggling it all
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Shelleen McHale has a real understanding and compassion for other women, especially MOMS. McHale and partner, Jill Martens, launched their "Mompreneur" business in December 2007, Shelleen is always working on more ideas and businesses that are related to Moms! Afterall, we are what makes the world go round!
My interests:
Golf, fashion, interior design, cooking, shopping, walking, reading, watching sports and other shows with husband, going out on dates with my husband-doesn't happen enough
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How I de-stress:
Pedicure, watch a funny movie, fall asleep with my kids, go to church
Best advice I've gotten:
"There is only 24 hours in a day, it is your choice to choose what to do with them." Donna Lindley, friend & Professional Organizer
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My favorite book:
Twas the night before Christmas
My favorite movie:
Evan Almighty

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  • Thank you for your words of encourgement . I love this site because only God knows what we as women get up and face everyday. Receiving these messages gives more of a reason to get on this site and write.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shelly on 21st February 2008