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  • If either you or your husband had an opportunity to work in another country, would you go?

    Answered on 25th March 2008:

    This issue actually came up for us a few times. When Hubby was doing IT contracting he got some very interesting and tempting offers...Amsterdam, Australia and even Ireland. I think if we hadn't had kids we would have jumped on any of them but it just seemed like such a huge undertaking to move to another country with kids (especially if it was only temporary.) We asked ourselves questions like: Do we sell the house or rent it out? Where will we live? What's the cost of living compared to the pay they're offering? What are the schools like? Will the kids adjust or hate our guts? (And that's just the tip of the iceberg.) Fortunately for us, Hubby always managed to get plenty of local contract offers and in the end the considerations to move to another country never amounted to more than hypotheticals. It was fun to think about though. :)

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  • It never occured to me but I suppose I could. :P

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  • Isn't this a fun site? I have yet to explore all of it, but I'm fascinated. And who knows? Maybe you'll get some business - you can take online long-distance orders, right?

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