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Number of children:
Age of children:
7, 5, and 11 months
Relationship status:
Parenting advice I follow:
Parents have to stick together, and back each other up. No Matter what. you can disagree if you want, but it's best done in private, away from the kids. Also, pick your battles. Who cares if he wants ketchup on his broccoli, really?
Parenting advice I ignore:
Keeping a strict schedule. My mom always fusses that we don't do things by a strict schedule. We have a schedule, it's just more fluid. I always let my kids lead me as far as nursing, naps, etc. They weren't always sleepy or hungry when she thought they should be, and it turned every meal and every nap into a fight. Without a set schedule, things move more fluid, and the kids sort of worked their way into their own schedule.
Favorite activity with my kids:
Laugh with them. They are all so funny. Even the baby is full of laughter.

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  • Hi sonyareads. So loved reading your profile and checking out your (numerous!) websites. Congrats on your weight loss!

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