Tamara Wilson

From Spokane, Washington, United States

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About me:
I am a Work at home mom to four children married to a great supportive husband, Ned for 6 years. I am also a birthmom to a set of twin girls who just turned 10. I look enjoy learning and expanding on what I do know to help others. My passion is to help moms with the smaller things in life that they need help with and may not know where to turn.
My interests:
My hobbies are Crafting, cooking/baking, gardening, reading, and playing the piano. Other interests are learning about my past and my heritage I am an American Indian, I did not grow up around the influence hardly so now as an adult I am working on learning as much as I can so I am able to share this wonderful history with my children, we do spend a lot of weekends at Pow Wows.
My website/blog:
http://www.tamara-wilson.com http://www.mommyland.com http://www.moms-directory.com http://www.momsagourmet.com
How I de-stress:
Probably talking a walk in the park or golf course listening to a podcast helps me clear my mind.
Best advice I've gotten:
The best piece of advice as a professional mom would be to schedule time for everything work and kids/family so nothing gets pushed aside.
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
Tell Me Your Dreams By Sydney Sheldon
My favorite movie:
Parent Trap (the original)

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