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family, podcast, organization, simple, quick tips, interviews, time savers
About me: is a family resource website and podcast show dedicated to making life simple so you can enjoy what really matters. On the podcast, "What Really Matters", Vicky and Jen talk about hot family topics interviewing guests from parenting experts to nationally acclaimed authors, chefs to musicians, life coaches to doctors, and professional organizers to travel connoisseurs. Listeners can upload these informative radio-style shows directly from the website or iTunes and listen anytime. In addition to the podcast, Vicky and Jen provide a companion page of resources for each show with additional information for the listener. shares recipes, kids activities and practical ideas you can really use to make every day more manageable so you can enjoy what really matters to you.
My interests:
SCUBA Diving, Cooking, Wheel Throwing Pottery, Renovating, Movies, Photography, Scrapbooking, Motorcycles, Reading
My website/blog:
How I de-stress:
Oh, well that's easy! Listen to Vicky and Jen's podcast of course!
Best advice I've gotten:
No one's perfect.
Adjective to describe me:
Vicky: Open-Minded, Jen: Growing
My favorite book:
Vicky: Charlotte's Web, Jen: Anne Rule True Crime Books
My favorite movie:
Vicky: Toy Story, Jen: The Princess Bride

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  • Thanks for the nice comment, Vicky. How wonderful that you adopted a pup-in-need! How sweet your little boy is! I love to hear adoption stories like that. Have a great day!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 26th February 2008

  • Hi there. Welcome to Work it, Mom! We're so glad you've joined us. Your site looks great, and love that you center the whole thing around podcasts. That is cool. Basically, anyone helping women to simplify their lives is doing a favor to humankind, as far as I'm concerned!!

    Reported Posted by Diane on 25th February 2008