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mom, working mom, motherhood, work life balance, up with moms, mommy activist
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I'm a working mom of two beautiful little girls. My husband is wonderfully supportive, but he's, you know...a man. I'm a northerner by birth living in the South. By day, I work to rid the world of cancer. By nights and weekends, I'm a mommy activist trying to make the world a better place for us moms. Check out my blog at
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blogging, shopping
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How I de-stress:
Veg out in front of the TV
Best advice I've gotten:
Give yourself a break
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Steel Magnolias

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  • Hi Amy- I just checked out your blog and it struck a chord with me (a fellow Georgian). I recently started blogging too and am also finding myself addicted...

    Just wanted to say hi!


    Flag as inappropriate Posted by biomom on 20th February 2008

  • I forgot to add my blog-
    http://awarenessalways.blogspot.comrnhttp://hiddenwillow.blogspot.comrnhttp://www.awarenessalways.orgrnrnLooking forward to checking yours out!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jess_alwaysaware on 6th October 2007

  • Hi Amy
    I'm so interested to find you here- I've just joined today and am looking around for some friendly faces! I am a director of a social enterprise, we raise awareness and money for people affected by cancer with our cancer awareness jewellery. I would love to learn more about what you do!
    I'm also a work at home mom with 2 kids aged 12 and 14 and I'm still learning to juggle my life!
    Look forward to getting to know you.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jess_alwaysaware on 6th October 2007

  • Hi, Amy - just wanted to say welcome to Work It, Mom! I checked out your blog and really enjoyed it - great to find a fan of our very own PunditMom!:)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 29th August 2007