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  • Hi! A genie grants you 3 wishes for improving your child's daycare. What would you wish for?

    Answered on 10th September 2008:

    I don't have a child in daycare but I am a Pre-k teacher in a childcare setting. One side is a school 3 pre-k classes 1 state 1 non state. I am the non state teacher. the other side is daycare 4 weeks-2yrs. My wish #1 That parents would spend more time teaching their little one's respect for other adults and children #2 Parents would treat the daycare teacher like they would any other teacher ( elementry, high school) we work very hard yet most parents treat us like we don't know anything and are not worthy of respect #3 I wish daycare teachers had higher pay and benefits.

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  • Hi Amanda, How are things for you here in AZ? Hope all is well :)
    Saw your blog and I'm going through the same thing with the same questions... single mom dating 0.o

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