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  • What cute pet names/nicknames do you have for your kids?

    Answered on 13th March 2008:

    My seven-year old daughter Sarah is sometimes referred to as "Sass" or "Sassy" from her baby days of trying to say her name. My two-year old Jacob has many names from "Jake the Snake" and "Jakey-Jake" to "Crazy Little Man" as he is so active and always getting into things.

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  • What is the main reason you picked your job -- money, security, flexibility, field you are passionate about, something else?

    Answered on 18th January 2008:

    I picked my job for quality of life and lost about 20% of my pay for it. I commuted two hours a day and did traveling every quarter in my previous job, and even though I loved my job, I knew it was time to get something more flexible and closer to home since my daughter was going to pre-school, and I had to be there to drop her off and pick her up. Four years later, I still get that pang to get back in the "fast lane." But I realize it's not all about me. I have repsonsibilities to my family, which include my current job. I'm currently looking into other opportunities where I can do what I love but when I want to, such as consulting.

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  • Hi and welcome to Work It, Mom! I enjoyed reading your profile, and I think that's probably good advice about how we treat the 1st child vs. the 2nd. For that reason I do try not to fuss too much over my daughter, our 1st.

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