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2, 7
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This takes having more than one child to learn unfortunately, but kids are strong and can resolve issues on their own more than we think. I learned with my son, the second-born, that if he falls he will pick himself right back up and be OK; we didn't know that with our daughter and would run to every fall and cry; they are now two very different kids. My seven year old daughter is no way as independent as my two year old son!
Parenting advice I ignore:
That "it's a stage they are going through" every time they misbehave. Every misbehavior should be addressed.
Favorite activity with my kids:
For me just playing with them is priceless whether it's drawing, coloring or playing with toys I never lose sight of the fact that they grow fast and every moment should be cheried.

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  • Hi and welcome to Work It, Mom! I enjoyed reading your profile, and I think that's probably good advice about how we treat the 1st child vs. the 2nd. For that reason I do try not to fuss too much over my daughter, our 1st.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 30th November 2007