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Parenting advice I follow:
I have 6 siblings, and have always found that consistency is key. Kids will finds weaknesses in you and take advantage. NEVER make a threat that you know you won't actually carry out. Kids always remember
Parenting advice I ignore:
time out!!! kids don't learn anything by sitting in a corner. My mom always made us help with something aroiund the house, or, as we got older and didn't misbehave in the classic sense of the word (rather than pinching our siblings, we were now coming home late and getting caught doing dangerous things) My mom punished us accordingly (If I was using my phone in class, it was taken away. If my brother was failing tests and mom noticed he spent too much time on play station, she made him (as a high school student!) Do his homework at the dining room table,like a child, and no playstation till homework was done and mom checked it!)
Favorite activity with my kids:
arts and crafts!!! And reading. SO BENEFICIAL!

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