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I run Parent Hacks []
Digital Media
How many hours I work:
0 to 20 hours a week
How much I like my job:
I love it
How stressful I find my job:
Not very stressful
Best thing about my job:
I get to "meet" and talk with smart, fascinating people from all over the country, and together, we're building a resource that will hopefully help parents for years to come.
Worst thing about my job:
I tend to wander over to the computer at every free moment.
My dream job:
I may have found it.

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  • Welcome Asha, I love your parenting advice. It's so right on! I'm a moderator for the site, so if I can do anything for you please let me know. I'll be checking out parenting hacks in just a minute here. I recommend entering one or all of the fabulous contests that we're running this month. Hope to see you here often and learn more about you!

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