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  • Do you wear makeup on a daily basis?

    Answered on 14th August 2007:

    I very rarely wear make-up. In the 80's, I never left the house without makeup. In the 90's, I found that return-of-the-hippy style and it appealed to me and I found that under that makeup is a gorgeous face. I use a little makeup for a finished look when I get dressed up, but that's rare!

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  • Do you think money can buy happiness?

    Answered on 1st August 2007:

    I think money can buy you time.When you work 80 hours a week and still can't make ends meet.. its hard to find time to be happy. If you have to choose between fooding your kids or paying the power bill, its hard to be happy. I think having enough money can help you make room for happy. But being able to recognize what "enough" really means, is important.

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  • Hi, I just found a website for Nickelodeons Wonderpets! Please check it out, its totally free and its very cool! My 2yo loves it!

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  • Trudi - Thanks so much for sharing your "selfishness" with us. My husband and I have the same sort of set-up. It makes me cringe when I talk to a parent who can't remember the last time they were alone or had some "free time" during daylight hours. It's so unhealthy, but I sometimes will ask myself - are they a more devoted mom than I am? I know I'm more well-rounded, but hate feeling "out-mommed". Guess that is my own insecurity I've got to get over.

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  • Hey soul sister!

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  • Yo! I finally made it over here. Funny, you and I quote the same parenting advice we ignore. You *are* my other half!

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