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exercise, entrepreneur, work at home, vacation, wife, stay at home mom, read, travel agent, travel consultant
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Hello moms! I am a mother of two awesome boys and married to a wonderful guy. I live in Coloradoâ?¦BRRRR I just want to share what I do in order to stay at home and home school. The company I work for is a wonderful company. I make very good money and enjoy the heck out of my job! I am having so much fun!! So, visit my webpage and feel free to ask any questions you might have. This has literally changed my life. I will be forever thankful to the person who MADE me stop and listen to them. LOL. Hope to see you on the beaches of the world!
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Reading, hiking, nature, exercise, travel
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How I de-stress:
spa treatments!
Best advice I've gotten:
Pick and choose your battles.
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The Notebook
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Dirty Dancing

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  • Hi Angela. I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! We are glad you’re here. Welcome! And congrats on having found your dream job. It always makes me happy when members say they love what they do. :)

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