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  • When did you start setting a fixed eating schedule for your newborn? When did you start sleep training him or her?

    Answered on 29th January 2008:

    All 4 of my kids I pretty much followed the same thing- Breastfed on demand for the first several months. By the time I was introducing baby foods, around 5 months old, I was feeding them right before our normal meal times and then bottles in between the baby food. As for sleep training, each child is different, but what always worked for me was allowing them to sleep in our room until they were 6 - 9 months old. I don't believe in what some of the books are saying nowadays, nor do I believe in co-sleeping, but all of that is personal opinion (and I don't pass judgment, it's personal choice). My kids all slept in a cradle next to my side of the bed until they were too big for it, whenever they started rolling I believe. Then I actually put the crib in our room because I found that they slept longer and better being in the same room. I swear I think it's because they can hear your breathing and such and it just comforts them. One thing I also did that I think helped is once they were about six months old and sleeping through the night - if they would wake up I would not pick them up right away. I would rub their backs or talk to them soothingly to comfort them. This way they didn't get in the habit of thinking that I was going to pick them up at 3am or whatever. They knew that it was time to go back to sleep if I didn't pick them up. The only negative by keeping the crib in the room, is I found it was harder on me to move them to their own room. I don't think any of the kids cared one way or another, but it was so hard for me to not be able to just pop my head up and check on them. Good luck!!! Message me if you want to chat some more. I love talking about babies...even though my youngest is about to be 4 this year :(

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  • What about the guilt factor---!!!! OK, now I'm very frustrated. Actually, furious. I love my kids. I love working from my home. But if I don't supply the guilt factor, my kids do--even though Im home with them, visit and work at their schools, t

    Answered on 29th January 2008:

    Hi Susan, First off, big hugs!! I can feel your pain. I think the best thing for you to do would be to give the kids a set window of time every day that is all theirs not matter what. Maybe even use a timer or an alarm clock for fun. Say you eat dinner at 6pm for example. 30 minutes to eat, some time to clean up and so forth. Then you could say 7pm to 8pm EVERY DAY is for the kids. Getting them baths and getting them ready for bed wouldn't count either, you should make it all play time. That way when 9pm or 10pm rolls around hopefully they will have gotten their "mommy fix" and will understand that you need to work. If not you could always remind them that you spent the hour with them earlier and that they need to stick to the schedule or you will have to take away their hour of time the next day. You could make a calendar where on the weekend you sit down and plan Monday through Friday what you are going to do during that 1 hour time frame, that would make it fun for the girls. Also, my two middle boys share a room (ages 5 & 7) and they used to be real good with getting up after I have put them to bed. They would be asking me things or complaining about the other one bothering them, etc. What I did was completely ignore them or just say, You know I have to work right now, you need to figure it out. After awhile of them seeing that their games was not going to get them what they wanted (my attention) eventually they stopped. I also put them to bed 30 minutes before they truly need to be sleeping on purpose because I know they have to go through their routine before they actually fall to sleep. Hope this helps a little! Candi

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  • Hi there, Bittersweet. Well, well, you really are a busy woman! You are like The Ultimate Juggler. We bow down to you. :)

    I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! Welcome to the site! I look forward to seeing you around. Please let me know if you have questions about how things work here!

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