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  • I'm always reading comments that say, "I changed careers to make it easier to be home more often." I want to know specifics. If you've made a change, what was your previous job, and what is the current one?

    Answered on 14th July 2010:

    I was in corporate accounting prior to meeting my husband. He is an Air Force officer, which means we move a lot, plus I knew I wanted to be home for kids when we had them. I knew I needed work that was location independent -- something I can do everywhere we live. First I became a yoga teacher (which I love!!!) but that isn't exactly a livelihood -- more like something I simply love sharing. When we moved to Italy, I worked part-time training staff on different collaborative technologies and social media for inward and outward facing diplomacy... that gave me the idea that I wanted to start a consulting and coaching business. Now, I run my own business. I work with women who are starting small ventures who aren't jazzed about the business part of their venture. I help them write maps for their business, set up their systems, coach them in order to get around the limits that we all tend to put on ourselves and generally help them launch and grow their business. I can do it all virtually, it uses the best of all my skills, and, I have enormous flexibility with my schedule, so my family can come first. Hope that helps!!!

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