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My husband Eric and I created BuzzyFunny Productions, a production company that creates CG animated DVD's for children. Our philosophy is to share profound truths with kids in a fun way -- and all without taking ourselves too seriously. Our first DVD, "Mitsy's Magnificent Makeover," was released in the fall of 2011. It was created entirely in our home. The story is about true friendship and acceptance vs. trying to be someone you are not in order to fit in. We co-wrote the script; Eric did ALL of the CG work (from modeling to animation) and I did the majority of the voices (even the men). Everything was done in our house-- even the vocal recording and the soundtrack my husband created. And the production portion was completed in a 2-year time frame because my dear husband is so good at planning and managing a work schedule. It wasn't always easy. During the production period, my elderly mother had a major medical issue and it fell to me to manage her hospital stays, bills and eventually her relocation to an assisted living facility. Not long after my father died and we soon had to sell their house to pay for my mother's needs. Add to this being the parents of a wonderfully active little boy, whom I home-schooled last year, and you have some interesting times. We are very thankful that we got through the experience with our marriage in tact. AND that we actually completed such a monumental job. Most children's DVD's are the result of a team of people, all with their areas of expertise... but we did it at home, just the 2 of us. And that truly is an accomplishment. Most of the kudos do go to my husband, who put in the majority of the work, but I know he depended on my support, even when I wasn't "producing" anything for the project.

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