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Hi and welcome! Kinda new to all this but bear with me! I'm a 25 year old SAHM to a gorgeous two year old son...who in my eyes just might be the most adorable kid in the universe. My hubby is an Active Duty Army Soldier, which basically means I am the mistress and the Army is the wife. We've survived one deployment, one move (to Hawaii) numerous field excursions, and a lovely two month training course called NTC. Now we're preparing for a second deployment, meaning we're going to be potty training through a webcam, since there is no way I (being the girly girl that I am) am going to be able to train the boy of all boys to pee in a small circular bowl when he has the whole world to um...color. Hawaii is not paradise, and I would advise anyone to never move here...a week at most for vacation should do it. I am a clean freak to the extreme, but only in the "public" areas of my house. Enter at your own risk for any other area. Being a military wife means I'm basically a single mommy every other year or so, but we're strong and we can handle anything life...or the Army...throws our way! Thanks for reading!
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