Holly Amarandei

From Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Joined 30th June 2008

My tags:
infertility, coach, weight loss, wellness, coaching, life coach, healthy living, holistic, wellness coach, life coach michigan, health coach, pcos, pcos coach, fertility coach
About me:
I am a Life & Wellness Coach specializing in helping working moms lose weight and adopt a permanent healthy lifestyle.
My interests:
Hiking, Cycling, Cooking, Reading
My website/blog:
How I de-stress:
Meditation, hiking in the woods, taking a bath
Best advice I've gotten:
Make a schedule for household chores
Adjective to describe me:
I am a certified holistic health coach specializing in helping busy women and their families lose weight and get healthy without dieting and deprivation.
My favorite book:
Farewell to Arms
My favorite movie:
Too many too chose!

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