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  • Is summertime more relaxing, more stressful or exactly the same at your house?

    Answered on 16th July 2008:

    Definitely more relaxing! We eat dinner a little later, my son stays up later (and then sleeps later!), we have more time for things like evening trips to the park, playing in his backyard clubhouse and visitng the library. But I can see how it might be more stressful for some! My son is in daycamp a few days a week which gives me some time to get work and errands done. If he was home all the time, it would be tough.

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  • Do you give allowance to your kids? Do they have to work for it? How much do you give?

    Answered on 3rd July 2008:

    We give our 4 1/2 year old son 75 cents a week in three quarters. For his allowance, he helps sort the laundry and helps set/clear the table. We picked 75 cents because we gave him three different piggy banks - one is for "spending" on small toys or treats; one is for "saving" for larger toys or adventures; and one is for "giving" to people who need help. Each week he puts one quarter in each piggy bank. And when he receives birthday, holiday and special gifts, those also get divided into the three banks. I'm hoping that over the years this helps teach him financial responsibility.

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  • Thank you so much Danielle for recommending me. You're the best! I highly appreciate it...thank you!

    Keep smiling :-)

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