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  • What made you choose your career?

    Answered on 10th February 2008:

    I have admit I was forced to start this career, which I've always dreamt about in reality, when my bf was moved with his job to another region, after 1 year of co-living. I had to wait here for 2 years while looking for a flat where to move together. So I started to be freelance writer and translator to have the time to meet him at least once a week or every 2 weeks. I've never had the brave to start alone, but now I'm very proud of my choice, I love this freelance career!!!

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  • What's your favorite way to de-compress if you have a bit of time just to yourself?

    Answered on 9th February 2008:

    Singing loudly :)))

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  • Hi Desi, Welcome to Work it, Mom! I really enjoyed reading your profile. I also work from home and I think it is the same here in the US: if you do not have a "regular" job in an office or somewhere outside the home, people forget/don't realize you have a job. :)

    Have a great day!

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