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  • How many kids do you have? Is this more or less than you always thought you would?

    Answered on 3rd July 2009:

    We have one - if it had been twins would have been ok too and would for sure be done - and every one that asks when are we going to have the second one I reply - I'm still working on this one and I'll be 50 when he goes to school plus right now couldn't afford daycare for a second (if had had twins would have to figure this part out since no family living in same state). If you had asked in my 20s and 30s I would have said never getting married and never having children but people and events change things in your life. So far it is good

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  • Any tips on flying with an infant age 3 to 7 months under current restrictions? I've read and heard that you can just take them on in a front pack, gate check the carrier-car seat and your carry on is your carry on and diaper bag all in one. Can you tak

    Answered on 3rd July 2009:

    Thanks for the tips. I've now been to TSA , FAA sites as well as some traveling with kids sites and videos. The www.jetwithkids.com site is pro infant seat but it appears you need to have a certain type of restraint for use on airplanes versus regular rear facing carrier. My carrier states it is approved for automobile and airplane travel but does not have a 'symbol' as described on one of the airline sites. The jetwithkids site reads like 'lap' infants are not in an ErgoBaby , swaddle sling or Bjorn type carrier pack physically attached to your body but actually 'free' carried in your lap. Thus the horror stories of the baby/child on the floor and the adult leaning over them but then they 'shoot away' and do not survive the turbulence or the crash. I would think that if they are in a carrier attached to you in some way that would be fine for small infants especially if you don't have the extra money for a seat or don't have a second restraint seat that fits the requirements. The reason for not requiring a restraint seat the same as for a car given by the FAA is silly - that requiring this would drive away 'customers' because of the expense of the seat and make them 'drive' which is more dangerous way to travel. Granted airlines are a for profit business but making a scaled price for a seat for a child under 2 would help to promote their customer service end. Children old enough and large enough to sit up right should be in same restraint as an adult or the CARES harness should be standard issue on all airplanes. It appears that if I do decide to make the trip - A) he'll be 3 months so thinking front pack, can lay him out in my lap for diaper change as it isn't like there is a place in a plane's loo for changing anyway, and catch up change etc during the layover; check the car seat since will need that for where I'm going and one carry on with some formula (formula and breastmilk over the 3oz liquids limit OK if declared and packed separate baggies before go through security) and premeasured powdered formula packets to add to water should be OK. Possible trip number 2 will be in December when he's 7 months, the trip will be longer - visting dad's family in Caribbean- and dad will be traveling too so car seat and stroller may both be in the picture and if car seat is the right type then will splurge for extra seat and request 3 together.

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