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  • How long was your maternity leave and was it paid?

    Answered on 24th January 2008:

    I had planned on taking 12 weeks, all paid, because I had worked out a good deal with my company ... which at the time I was fortunate as I was also going through a divorce and my ex had tied up all my money. Yet, I still feel guilty taking it because the company didn't want me to mention it as they really didn't want to provide that to all their female employees. Ironically, I'm not a baby person, so when there was a big emergency about 6 weeks into leave, I started back a few hours each day, working my way back to full time by the 12 weeks. Do I regret going back early? Not at all. I echo Mandy's bit about the "normalcy" of work. I was completely out of my element as a new, single mom. At least at work I knew why my colleagues were crying and whiney (and at least I didn't have to change their diapers)! I was also able to build up the good will, and the financial resources to work for myself now that he's older and can really benefit from my having a flexible schedule.

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  • What are your best tips for coming back from vacation and going back to the work/family juggle?

    Answered on 30th July 2007:

    My best tip is to put in your "out of office" email response that you are returning a day or two later than you actually return. This gives you some time to catch up before everyone hits you with new stuff.

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