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parenting, work, career, business, women, money, ambition, coaching
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Debra Condren is the author of amBITCHous, a woman’s guide to earning her worth and achieving her dreams—with integrity (Broadway Books). www.AmbitionIsNotADirtyWord.Com. Condren is a psychologist, career and business advisor, and founder and executive director of the Women's Business Alliance and Manhattan Business Coaching. She lives in New York and San Francisco with her husband, son, and step-son.
My interests:
Running. Travel. Reading.
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How I de-stress:
Running, hiking, talking with friends.
Best advice I've gotten:
Stay true to my own dreams; don't sacrifice my goals to achieve so-called "balance". Go for harmony/acceptance rather than for perfect balance.
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My favorite book:
Wartime Lies: A Novel, by Louis Begley
My favorite movie:
Shut Up and Sing

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