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  • Has your relationship with your significant other changed after having children? Was it better or worse? We are still having a tough time adjusting over a year later!

    Answered on 21st August 2008:

    It brought us closer, but I think it is partly because having a child made us a real family. We depend on each other for support and encouragement. The physical part can come and go, but the connection for us is stronger than it was before we had our son.

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  • Yesterday on CNNs "The Situation Room" Gov. Phil Bredesen from Tenn. suggested a Superdelegate Convention to end the divide between Clinton and Obama. He says it will prevent further party divide and allow Superdelegate transparency to the public. D

    Answered on 27th March 2008:

    I think that once the Democratic candidate has been selected, the other will through all of their support wholeheartedly behind the other one, because more is at steak than just the other's political ambition, and they are both devoted to the cause of putting the Democrats back in control. When I watched the debates with Clinton and Obama, I got that sense. I noticed that the informal poll showed that Clinton supporters were more likely to go over to the McCain side...but you have to remember that this is now - before the primaries are finished. Sen. Clinton is my Senator. I voted for her because she gets the job done and she has been good for NY. I think the Obama has a broader appeal and he seems to be a talented negotiator and facilitator. Their political platforms are not that much different, but the do approach solving the problem differently. Who do I think would be better at helping us through the middle eastern mess? Obama definately. Who do I think would be better for our economy...I'd have to say Clinton...based on my observation of political style. I sincerely hope that whoever ends up the Democratic nominee, that the other candidate fights hard to get a Democrat in the White House, because I believe that a Republican will just give us the same old garbage that has been in there for the last 8 years. If McCain gets elected, its a sure bet that we will still be in Iraq, possibly Iran, and our national debt will be higher from financing the war that was waged to protect oil companies, while the divide between the rich and poor gets bigger and in our own country. Don't get me wrong, I support our young men and women who are part of the military branch. I just want them home with us, rather than fighting a ghost in another country.

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