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mom, educator, homemaker, counselor, wife of minister, blooming blogger
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My name is Jenny Vowell and I am the daughter of a Puerto Rican mother, the wife of a minister and the mother of an 11 year old son. I am employed by the Chickamauga City School System as the system-wide Student Services and Testing Coordinator. My passion is my family and I truly enjoy my work with students in grades K-12. Before I was the at the system level, I worked as am elementary school counselor and a middle school counselor. My job is very complicated and diverse; therefore, I have become very good at juggling problems and finding solutions. It is pretty fun. In my spare time, I help my husband at church. He is a youth minister and I help whenever I can, however I can. I love working with students.
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reading, church, cooking, blogging
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put your family first
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Redeeming Love
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