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  • Would you ever want to run a large company?

    Answered on 29th August 2007:

    YES! Here's hoping that's what my company becomes. I would be happy with any level of success of course, but here's hoping it just keeps growing.

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  • Would you get a cell phone for your child? Why or why not? What's the right age to even consider this?

    Answered on 29th August 2007:

    I think I would definitely allow my child to have a cell phone after the age of 13 but I think I would, at least in the beginning, monitor the usage pretty strongly. I know that when I was younger I had a pager, but the rule was if my mother paged me and I didn't call her back within a certain time frame I lost my rights to have it. As I was constantly babysitting and working she wanted a way to get in touch with me ASAP. This was before cell phones were as popular as they are now.

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  • Hope the biz is going well -- thinking of you.

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  • I am looking for a nanny/babysitter for Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4-6pm or later if she needs more hours. We are flexible. Our family lives in Pikesville and we've got two fabulous kids aged almost 5 and almost 2.

    Contact me if this works.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sherijberi on 6th August 2007