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HiFiKIDS.com is another revolutionary way of motivating kids for their own passion or anything of their interests. We encourage kids to come up and present their topic of interests (Acting, Music, Singing, Sports, Math, Space Science, Science experiment or anything they are good at) in front of the video camera by asking one single question at the end of their presentation with multiple choice answers (Remember "Who wants to be a millionaire" or "Who is smarter then 5th grader?" format but here kids act like an anchor of the hifikids.com's "Who is more passionate?" program) and then upload the video presentation in our Passion School. It comes for the approval to check if the contents are appropriate for that age and submitted parameters are appropriate. Once approved by the approver it then gets published for the similar age kids for the respective language and region. So the number of questions kids submit and the number of questions kids answer correctly which is submitted by another same age kids are totaled which generates passion graph. In this public level program, we encourage kids to come up with the topics they love or they know the most or they enjoy the most and can comfortably present in front of the camera. This is how our passion graph accurately shows their growing passion and by doing this over the period will help teachers /parents to know their real interests or genuine skills. We have started yearly competition for "Who is more passionate?" where we will award the kids at the end of every year 31st December. Here are some videos to watch: 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS3xJgZkeGM 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EwF_rXzH40 This is completely free website, however only paid members can participate in our yearly competition to receive yearly award. Yearly subscription is $15 per child per year(who is less than 18 year old). Please contact us at support@hifikids.com for any further questions. Please note that this website is fully compliant with COPA policy.

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