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  • If you celebrate Hanukkah, do you get your kids gifts for every night?

    Answered on 4th December 2007:

    Well, last year was Ethan's first Hanukkah and I got him all kinds of things that I felt he really needed in any case, like some new toys (he was just turning 6 months, so we needed a more advanced set of toys) plus clothes. And it was real fun opening up the gifts each night. This year is different. I had gone and bought gifts for him for every single night, but I spent a lot (each toy is $25 plus) and I was not sure that I would have bought as many toys otherwise. In addition, I am concerned about the implication of receiving so many gifts. So, next year when he's 2 1/2 I think there will be one substantial gift for Hanukkah and one for the New Years (under the tree) and some small things, like a book or a coloring set, each night. What we are doing this year (and I hope you can come sometime too -- maybe even this year?) is a Hanukkah party for the kids because ultimately holidays are about being together and not about gifts.

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