Dawn White

From Bremerton, Washington, United States

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married, busy, christian, nursery coordinater
About me:
I'm a Kansas girl at heart but we have been in the Pacfic Northwest for just over 3 years. Between my family, my job, and my church I stay pretty busy.
My interests:
Other than my family, my passions are photography, hiking, music, people, and my puppy.
How I de-stress:
One glass of wine after work, the occasional bubble bath, reading, and taking pictures
Best advice I've gotten:
Don't let guilt or pressure drive you to fit into other people's "picture" of what a good Mom should be. Strive to do what is best for YOUR family. Not every mom is designed to be a soccer mom, den mother, and president of the PTA but every mom has their own strengths their children will benfit from.
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My favorite book:
Soul Tracker
My favorite movie:

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