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  • Do you work more than one job? What do you do?

    Answered on 26th June 2008:

    I did up until a week and a half ago. Both were doing web design, but I finally quit my day job of over 9 years to focus on my own business.

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  • What is your biggest challenge in the office?

    Answered on 25th June 2008:

    Probably prioritizing everything there is to do! I just took the freelance plunge (I'm in week 2, LOL) and I'm amazed by how much there is to do! I wonder how I juggled my own business and a day job before, because there's still so much work to do than I could complete in a full week. Anyway, I'm doing a good job so far, but am often torn between working on client web sites, vs doing my own marketing, etc. Both are equally important, and I learned that you have to sometimes just schedule in your own work as if you were a client too.

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