Michele Dortch

From Arizona, United States

Joined 8th June 2008

My tags:
running, mom blogger, arbonne, college professor, integrated mother, hr consultant
About me:
I'm a working mom of three who enjoys a multi-faceted career that includes owning a HR consulting company (because it's what I know), teaching college classes part-time (because I love to share what I know) and operating an Arbonne business (because it's just plain fun to be girly and make money at it).
My interests:
running, reading, writing
My website/blog:
http://www.integratedmother.com http://michele.myarbonne.com
How I de-stress:
Run it out, pray it out, and then visit a bookstore (I'm a book fanatic)
Best advice I've gotten:
Keep it all in perspective
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
Jane Eyre
My favorite movie:
Shawshank Redemption

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  • Hi Michele, I love what you say in your profile about having your career fit into your life and not the other way around. That's really what I strive for as well. I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! If you ever have comments or questions about the site, feel free to let me know. Also, here's a group that I think you'll enjoy.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 10th June 2008