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single mom, self-employed, home-based business
About me:
After becoming disabled in July of 2007, I am currently trying to increase my clients in my homebased business, Judy's Bookkeeping, Tax and Payroll Service. I also am one of the founders of the Corpus Christi SafePlace House, Inc. dba Wenholz House, a halfway house for alcoholics and addicts. In addition, I am one of the founders of Corpus Christi Helping the Homeless, Inc., an organization that assists the homeless of our city by feeding, clothing, and eventually, housing them.
My interests:
Other than working with the two non-profits above, I enjoy visiting with family members, watching TV, crochet, plastic canvas crafts, jigsaw puzzles, solitare, and playing with my dog. Of course, I love doing anything with my two grandsons too.
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How I de-stress:
I play solitare or play with my dog. I also lay down and watch a movie on TV, or listen to calming music.
Best advice I've gotten:
"You are not supermom so don't try to act like it." Set your priorities.
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My favorite book:
I can't choose just one!
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I can't choose just one!

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