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  • Does your husband help cook or clean-up? My husband is always in charge of the BBQ - that is his domain. I'll let you know my answer later.

    Answered on 25th November 2008:

    I do all the cooking except when it comes to the grill. And on weekends if i am licky he loves to cook breakfast on Sundays. Which I love breakfast in bed. He does help clean once in a while. Sometimes he lets me sleep in I will get up and the whole house is clean. He never goes grocery shopping that is my job since i do 99 percent of the cooking. He rarely even goes to the store unless its fleet farm. Or I absoluelty need something and am at home already. He likes to make me messes though. He rarely gets a chance to clean because I am a clean freak and i do it right away unless i am tired. And our two year old loves to clean. He knows when we go to leave the house he starts picking up his toys right away, puts his dirty clothes in the washer loves to help me put them in the dryer. Teach them young.

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  • What time do you usually wake up in the morning?

    Answered on 25th November 2008:

    630 am everyday of the week, sometimes even earlier. depends when my son decides to wake up. Which is usually very ealry.

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