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  • Do you feel you're fairly compensated at your current job?

    Answered on 4th April 2008:

    I do think that I am fairly compensated at my job. I love my job, so that makes it easy to say! Liking where you work is such a huge benefit!

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  • If you pump or pumped at work, where did you do it? A dedicated room, office, bathroom?

    Answered on 4th April 2008:

    I worked for a rental car company when I had my first son. I was in an office with almost all men. The women that worked there were young girls. There wasn't a lot of understanding when it came to pumping. I would set up shop in the bathroom, but there were no outlets, so I would have to run an ext. cord in to pump. It was uncomfortable, and at the time, I was young and didn't realize that I had the right to better provisions. My job now has special rooms for nursing moms. It is great how different attitudes are now vs. 10 years ago.

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  • Hi chicken. (Why "chicken"?) It's great to meet you. Hope you enjoy exploring the ever-increasing Work it, Mom! community. Just shoot me a message if you have questions about the site!

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