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About me:
I had my first (and last) child two days after my 40th birthday. She's a toddler now and I'm feeling every minute of my age! I'm looking for ways to stay sane, keep my house livable, keep my job or find a new one, stay married, and have fun with my little girl. I would love to work at home but that's not an option. I'm looking to connect with other women who have lives, whether or not they have jobs.
My interests:
I used to walk, read (mostly humor and nonfiction), do some creative writing, play with my dogs, surf the internet and eat. But now I'm overworked and overweight, and can't seem to find time to do anything but survive (and play with my little girl -- that's too important to put off).
How I de-stress:
Walk and read.
Best advice I've gotten:
A messy house helps build a kid's immune system.
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