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infant, dogs, passionate, horses, instructor
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Happily married for 1 1/2 years. We have a beautiful baby girl that was born on August 14th of last year. I work part time to be close to our daughter who was born with a severe heart defect. I do horse training and riding lessons (weather permitting) to earn extra money and to pursue my passion with horses.
My interests:
Horses, gardening, enjoying our deck on the lake, fishing, listening to music, spending time with my husband, daughter and our dogs.
How I de-stress:
Read a magazine, sit on the deck with a cold drink and watch the birds.
Best advice I've gotten:
Time at home is more important than time at work...your babies will remember the time you spent with them doing activities, not the time spent making money to buy them a new toy.
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My favorite book:
Clan of the Cave Bear
My favorite movie:
The Lost Boys

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  • Hi ponytrainer. It's great to meet you. What a precious pic of you and your daughter. Sorry to hear she has a heart defect, but hope she's doing well.

    We have a lot in common: love of outdoors, horses, dogs, birds. What kinds of dogs do you like best? (I'm in an animal rescue group here in FL and I pretty much love all the breeds.)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 17th January 2008